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Scheduled for October 4-6 at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre


ALGUSTO’2013 Saber y Sabor (“Knowledge and Flavour”) is the 4th edition of this event. It is scheduled for October 4-6 at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre. As the organiser of the event, the BEC has already set in motion a wide-ranging commercial plan aimed at attracting slow food producers from all over Spain and a wide range of specialists from the rest of the world. The event is to take place concurrently with the Biocultura Bilbao trade show for ecological products and responsible consumption, which also features a section on ecological foodstuffs.

The ALGUSTO 2013 organic and artisanal gastronomy fair will be a shrine to gastronomy and quality food. It seeks to maintain its leading status as different from any other event in the sector in Spain by focusing on the Slow Food movement. To that end ALGUSTO maintains close working relationships with various Spanish convivia, especially those of Bilbao-Bizkaia, Araba and Zaragoza, which form part of the ALGUSTO Committee.

The scheduling of the event concurrently with Biocultura Bilbao enables the two fairs to pool their attractions for the general public and creates a synergy that should prove highly useful to them both. The events share the same philosophy in defending certain values and lifestyle choices, and this should translate into more exhibitors and a substantial increase in visitors.

ALGUSTO is aimed at the general public, but also at amateur and professional connoisseurs of gastronomy from at home and abroad, with particular emphasis on south-eastern France and northern Portugal, where the organisers are focusing efforts to promote the event.

High-quality, artisanal products will once again take centre stage at ALGUSTO, where the general public will have the chance to get to know such products and acquire those that they most like through tastings, workshops, exhibitions, contests and other activities.

The event is to feature various forms of educating the senses. They include the Txoko Algusto gourmet corner, where visitors can try snacks and raw-milk cheeses, meat from local breeds of cattle, wine produced organically from 100% local grapes, paella, etc. The Teatros del Gusto (“theatres of taste”) will feature demonstrations of high-quality cuisine and workshops on cooking, products and styles. At the Islas del Gusto (“islands of taste”) the BEC restaurant will offer economic menus with Slow Food products. there will be seminars, meetings and other events featuring representatives of gastronomic movements from all over the world, an “Educational Area” aimed at younger visitors, contests for gastronomic societies, tastings of products offered by exhibitors and participating organisations, and the “Algusto Slow Food Dinners”, meals prepared by renowned restaurateurs at their own restaurants with menus made up exclusively of Slow Food products.

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